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Learn about legislation in your state. See how your representatives are voting, see where a bill is in the legislative process, or read every version of a bill as it makes it way to becoming law.


Each candidate or representative is listed with social media accounts, links to websites and contact information in order to help you engage with them directly in whichever manner you choose.


See where, when, and how to vote, based on your address. When ballots become available, see who is on your ballot, their social media accounts and website, and how to contact them.

Voting Information

Where? When? How? It's all here.

Learn where, when, and how to vote. Find dates & times of early, election day, and drop-off voting as well as voting information and elections board contact information for your state and county for your address.

  • Early voting, election day, and drop-off dates, times, and locations based on your address
  • Your ballot based on your address
  • Links to voting information and voting rules for your state
  • Contact information for your local election officials
  • Register to vote
Voter Information
Ballot Information


Who is on your ballot?

Learn what and who will be on your ballot. When available, social media accounts, email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses will also be listed for each candidate so you can do your own research and engage with the people who want to represent you.

  • Your ballot is based on your address
  • View all contests, including ballot measures
  • View social media accounts, websites and contact information for your candidates
  • Research your candidates before you go vote


Contact your represtantatives

See your representives at all levels of government, read what they have to say on their social media accounts and website, and engage with them.

  • Your representatives are based on your address
  • See who represents you at the national, state, county and city levels
  • View social media accounts, websites and contact information for your representatives
  • See something? Say something. Engage your representatives
View your representatives
Review state bills

State Bills

Read the bills

Review what's happening in your state legislature in the upper and lower houses. There is no better time to engage with your representatives than before a law is passed.

  • Search through bills by bill number, topic, or keywords
  • See how your representatives are voting
  • See where the bill is in the process of becoming law
  • Read every version of the bill

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